Enhanced Shipping List Service

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Need a quick way to create Superintendent of Document (SuDoc) class number labels for the publications you receive in your depository shipment boxes? Looking for an easy way to create a shelflist based on your depository’s selection profile?

For over 13 years, the University at Buffalo (UB) has been providing just that kind of assistance to depository libraries. Originally begun as a joint venture with the University of Texas at Arlington, UB has solely hosted and run the Enhanced Shipping List Service since 1998. A partnership between UB and the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) was established at the same time.

The Enhanced Shipping List Service provides depository libraries with several tools to make processing shipment boxes a little easier. To do that, the software that runs the Enhanced Shipping List Service allows users to automatically cross-check shipping lists with a list of the item numbers the depository selects.

As a result of the ability to cross-check a selection profile with the shipping list, users are able to:

  • Create a shelflist file of distributed titles that matches their selection profile.
  • Create and print SuDoc number labels for each depository shipment box.
  • Save a list of SuDoc numbers that match the selection profile for further editing.

In addition to the processing tools, the Enhanced Shipping List Service Web site includes a searchable database of the shipping lists from 2002 through the current list. The database allows users to search by:

  • Item number.
  • List number.
  • SuDoc number.
  • Shipping list year.
  • Title.
  • List format.

Each entry in the results list has a link to the complete shipping list so you can see what other titles were on that particular shipping list.

The UB site provides detailed instructions on how to download and install the software necessary to access and run the Enhanced Shipping List Service on a local computer. Once you have installed the software, the next step is to save a file with your depository’s selection profile. Your depository’s selection profile is available through DSIMS. With these steps completed, select and download the shipping lists you need from the Enhanced Shipping List Service site. After saving each file, you can open the shipping list file, and the combination of downloaded software and selection profile will let you perform the functions described above.

GPO thanks the UB staff, particularly Tim McCarthy, for their hard work in providing the depository community with this incredibly valuable service. The Enhanced Shipping List Service has become a trusted and important tool in the processing toolkit of many depositories. GPO looks forward to working with UB in the years to come to continue to provide this service to the depository community.

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