Would You Like to Partner with GPO?

Since the start of the FDLP Connection newsletter, we have spotlighted the wonderful and valuable work of various U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) partners. While there are many more great partners we will be discussing in upcoming issues, we wanted to take an opportunity this month to provide an overview of the partnership program, the reasons why you should consider becoming a partner, and to encourage you to reach out to Library Services & Content Management (LSCM) to discuss forming a partnership.

LSCM staff knows that with such a dedicated and creative community, many innovative projects are underway. We want to hear from you about the work being done at your library or by a group of libraries in your area. There is no need to wait until a project is near completion before contacting us. LSCM staff is happy to talk with you about a project or idea at any stage.

Partnership Overview

GPO enters into partnerships with depository libraries and other Federal agencies to provide permanent public access to electronic content not housed on GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) or to provide access to services that enhance the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). With such a large amount of Federal information available electronically, these partnerships help LSCM to ensure public access to this material, while increasing the services available to assist depositories with providing access to electronic material and managing their depository collections. Importantly, these partnerships also allow depository library staff to share their expertise and the services they have developed.

Most partnerships fall into one of three categories. Content partnerships assist LSCM by providing public access to electronic Federal material. These partners agree to provide storage capacity and user access without restrictions on re-dissemination. In the event the partner is no longer able to provide free, public access to this material, the agency or library agrees to transfer a copy of the content to LSCM. Service partnerships assist LSCM in providing enhanced services to depository libraries. These partnerships can focus on repurposing GPO-provided information or on providing a variety of other services to depositories and the public. The third type, hybrid partnerships, mix the provision of electronic content with a variety of services.

Who is Partnering with GPO?

Fifteen depository libraries, along with eight Federal agencies, currently participate in the partnership program. Among the more recent partners are:

University of Florida: provides public access to the digital collection of Panama Canal Commission (PCC) and Isthmian Canal Commission (ICC) publications and their bibliographic records. This partnership is currently being expanded to include content from five additional agencies.

  • University of Iowa: provides public access to a digital collection of U.S. Government posters.
  • University of Montana: increases access to bibliographic records for pre-1976 and fugitive publications from the U.S. Forest Service. As of June 11, over 320 records have been added to the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) as a result of this partnership.

Why Your Library Should Consider Becoming a GPO Partner

By participating in the partnership program, your library can make an even larger contribution to the depository community and the public at large. As a GPO partner, you will:

  • Get involved in a project that has a direct impact upon citizens’ access and use of Government information;
  • Answer a need from the general public by creating a resource and linking it from fdlp.gov and other GPO Web pages; and
  • Strengthen LSCM’s outreach and collections by contributing expertise and materials.

Additionally, being a GPO partner will bring a national spotlight onto your project or service. LSCM will assist you to promote the service or project in several ways, by:

  • Issuing a joint press release when the partnership is formed;
  • Recognizing the partnership on fdlp.gov and ensuring easy access by providing links on various GPO Web pages;
  • Working with your library to create or upgrade bibliographic records for digitized or other online content;
  • Including the bibliographic records for the content in the CGP; and
  • Ensuring there are Persistent URLs (PURLs) in any bibliographic records for the content included in the CGP.

Let LSCM know about the projects going on at your library. Simply fill out the partnership contact form or submit an askGPO question using the category of “Partnerships.” We want to bring more of your great projects into the spotlight and onto a national stage.