FDLP Forecast Study Team

  • The FDLP Forecast Study Team: From L-R, Bottom Row: Kelly Seifert, Jane Sánchez, Mary Alice Baish, Cherie Givens, and Amanda Colvin. From L-R, Top Row: David Walls, Kathy Bayer, Linda Moayedi, Cynthia Etkin, Kristina Bobe, Robin Haun-Mohamed, and Mark Ames. Not Pictured: Ashley Dahlen, Melissa Fairfield, Dean Gardei, Paul Giannini, and Heidi Ramos.
  • The FDLP Forecast Study began with a special public forum for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) community and a dialogue on the future direction of the FDLP on the final day of the 2011 Depository Library Council Meeting and Federal Depository Library Conference (Meeting & Conference). The direction of the FDLP Forecast Study grew out of this forum, and over time, the project team has grown as well.

    Cherie Givens developed the methodology for a mixed methods research approach. She and co-lead David Walls worked with LCSM staff to develop the Library and State Forecast Questionnaires, as well as the State Focused Action Plan template. We are very grateful to members of the Depository Library Council who provided very helpful guidance to us on multiple drafts of the Questionnaires. As part of the launch of Phase I of the Study, Library Services and Content Management (LSCM) staff participated in more than 30 virtual sessions with FDLP state and regional groups, as well as library associations, to answer questions about the Study and help facilitate the completion of the Forecasts.

    As the Study progressed, more and more staff members from across LSCM and throughout the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) became involved. As Forecast Questionnaires and State Focused Action Plans were being submitted, LSCM convened topical working groups to examine qualitative data from each of the open-ended questions related to a specific topic. In conjunction with this, quantitative data analysis was taking place, as were the creation of graphical representations to display results and the development of a preliminary codebook to theme and break down open-ended responses for continued analysis. Staff worked diligently on analyzing preliminary results, both quantitative and qualitative, to present to the community at the 2012 Meeting & Conference.

    We are now in Phase II of the Study. Staff continue the process of data analysis in preparation of a series of white papers on prominent and important topics coming out of the results. Additionally, LSCM staff members have been working toward implementing some new initiatives as a direct result of the feedback received through your responses to the Questionnaires. Our approach is to identify the doable, the possible, and also proposals that would require legal changes.

    Under the direction of Superintendent of Documents Mary Alice Baish and Jane Sánchez, Director of LSCM, the FDLP Forecast Study Team includes:

    Mark Ames Assessment Librarian, Outreach Team
    Kristina Bobe Assessment Librarian, Outreach Team
    Cynthia Etkin Senior Program Planning Specialist, Office of the Superintendent of Documents
    Paul Giannini Senior Program Planner; Programs, Strategy, & Technology
    Robin Haun-Mohamed Director of FDLP Outreach & Support
    Linda Moayedi Program Analyst, Education & Training Team
    Heidi Ramos Senior Planning & Development Specialist, Projects Team
    Kelly Seifert Lead Planning Specialist, Office of the Director of Library Services & Content Management
    David Walls Preservation Librarian, Preservation & Archives Team

    A special thank you and also a very fond farewell to Cherie Givens who led the Study through the 2012 Meeting & Conference and has since left GPO to pursue other endeavors. Thanks also to Amanda Colvin also served on the Study team until her recent departure from LSCM to GPO’s Office of Programs, Strategy, & Technology.

    The following LSCM staff members serve as ongoing contributors to the project, providing analysis and outreach to libraries:

    Kathy Bayer Assessment Librarian, Outreach Team
    Ashley Dahlen Assessment Librarian, Outreach Team
    Melissa Fairfield Assessment Librarian, Outreach Team

    In addition, we are very grateful to Dean Gardei, GPO’s Brand and Web Manager in GPO’s Business Products and Services. Dean has graciously provided his creative assistance to our charts and graphs.