Stacey Kinsel, Technical Services Librarian at GPO

  • Stacey Kinsel, Technical Services Librarian, U.S. Government Printing Office.
  • One smiling face you can always count on seeing in the halls of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) is that of Stacey Kinsel. Stacey’s enthusiasm and passion for librarianship and the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) come across in all aspects of her work each day.

    Stacey is a Technical Services Librarian, who reports to Laurie Hall, the Director of Library Technical Information Services in Library Services & Content Management (LSCM). This unique position allows Stacey to work on a broad range of projects, many of which she co-manages, within the technical services operations. Currently, her projects include working with LSCM’s Cataloging and Classification units to complete the processing of bibliographic records, which includes SuDoc/item number verification, Library of Congress Subject Heading (LSCH) assignment, and corporate name authority assigning provided by GPO’s partnership with Mansfield Library at the University of Montana. Stacey also works with an interdepartmental team to plan, implement, document, and train staff on the Acquisitions Module within our Aleph 500 Integrated Library System (ILS). On top of all that, Stacey also performs technical writing, research, and workflow analysis in support of the FDLP.

    Stacey comes to GPO from the University of Pittsburgh where she earned her master’s degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS), and she considers herself to be an accidental Government documents librarian! (Prior to the University of Pittsburgh, Stacey earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree at the Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pennsylvania.) When asked about how she came to us at GPO, Stacey said, “While working towards completing my MLIS, I thought that public librarianship was the best way to provide the most people access to information resources. During the spring of 2010, I enrolled in the Government Information Resources & Services course taught by Mark Scott, Coordinator of Government Publications at the Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh (selective). It was in this class where I learned about GPO, the FDLP, and how Federal Government information is produced and disseminated to the public in print and digital formats. Soon after that, in May 2010, I applied for and accepted a position as an intern at GPO. Since completing my MLIS degree in May 2011, I have become a full-time GPO employee.” Stacey was also inducted into Beta Phi Mu, the International Library & Information Studies Honor Society. Way to go, Stacey!

    Although this is Stacey’s first professional librarian position, her commitment, dedication, and belief in leadership through public service is a career 10 years in the making! During her high school years, Stacey was a page at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. During her time in graduate school, she worked as a Library Assistant at Crafton Public Library, providing ready reference, copy cataloging, and circulation support.      

    Stacey said, “One of the most interesting things about working to support the FDLP is being able to preview the resources we make available to the FDLP, which in-turn, are made available to the public. An example of a resource I found interesting recently was the Eagle Books series developed by the Centers for Disease Control to promote health and awareness to diabetes.”      

    LSCM and the FDLP benefit greatly from Stacey’s dedication, commitment, and support of the ensuring public access to Government information.  

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