The Best Time to Switch to govinfo is Today

If you haven’t heard yet, govinfo will replace its predecessor site, the Federal Digital System (FDsys) in December 2018. On govinfo, you’ll find access to all of the same publications and search functionality as FDsys, but with a new, cleaner look and plenty of exciting new features.

The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) has focused on implementing feedback from users and improving overall search and access to electronic Federal Government information in its design of govinfo. The redesigned, mobile-friendly website incorporates innovative technologies and includes several new features for an overall enhanced user experience.

Since the launch of FDsys in 2009 to replace the legacy GPO Access website, minor enhancements have been made to the public website, but several drivers led to the decision to overhaul and redesign the site. These drivers included:

  • A commitment to incorporating user feedback.
  • The availability of more modern technologies and web design standards.
  • The expansion of web use on mobile devices.
  • An effort to begin utilizing more open-source software.

Some of govinfo’s key new features include:

  • A modern look and feel.
  • Improved navigation.
  • Linking of related content.
  • Two new ways to browse.
  • A new open-source search engine.
  • More options for easily sharing pages and content on social media.

The most commonly asked question through this process is will everything that is available on FDsys available on govinfo?

The simplest answer to that is yes. Both FDsys and govinfo provide access to the same repository of content on the backend and will do so until FDsys retires. However, govinfo will officially replace FDsys in December 2018, so we encourage you to make the switch now and get acclimated with the new site before that happens.

Don’t forget to explore the govinfo help pages for help finding publications, learning what's available, sample searches, metadata fields for each collection, tutorials, handouts, and more.

For all data users, please explore the govinfo  developer tools (sitemaps, link service, etc.) If you have questions regarding the transition or the use of govinfo developer tools for updating processes, please contact GPO or open an issue on GPO's GitHub page.

GPO is constantly striving to deliver the best quality of service and help you as you take on the very important task of Keeping America Informed.

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