The FDLP eXchange: Coming Soon!

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GPO has been working with contractors to develop FDLP eXchange, an application intended to help depositories manage disposition of materials that are no longer needed in their collections. Libraries will be able to enter information on materials no longer needed in their collections, and the automated workflows in the application will offer them to the appropriate libraries at each stage through the process.

The application will also allow libraries to enter information on materials needed for their collections, to fill gaps, replace materials damaged in a natural disaster, or to be digitized for a digitization project. FDLP eXchange will match one library’s offers to other libraries’ needs to help facilitate transfer of materials to the libraries that need them.

Demonstrations of the application were presented at the Fall 2016 Depository Library Council Meeting and Conference, and GPO has been working with contractors to make some back-end updates and enhancements based on comments received from the depository community.

GPO held a virtual meeting with regional depository coordinators on April 6 to provide a brief demonstration of the updated application and discuss procedures for adopting the tool, should their regions choose to do so. GPO’s internal testing is currently underway.

Preparations are underway to launch FDLP eXchange on June 1, 2017. Informational materials and user guides are currently being developed. Training webinars are planned for June and July, and short, task-based webcasts are being produced to assist users in learning to use the application.

Libraries are encouraged to update their information in the Federal Depository Library Directory by May 15, if they have not already done so. This will help ensure that no one misses communications related to the launch.

Users of the current National Needs and Offers hosted by GPO should note that FDLP eXchange will replace the National Needs and Offers site for offering materials nationally. No new posts to the National Needs and Offers site will be possible after May 1, and all posts must expire by June 1 when the existing database is decommissioned.

Learn more about the upcoming FDLP eXchange, and contact our implementation team with questions or comments.


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