The FDLP Forecast Study: The Release of Data & GPO’s Next Steps

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) has begun releasing results from the The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Forecast Study.

The Study queried Federal depository libraries about their pressing issues, goals, and viewpoints, and asked them to identify initiatives and needs; the study will ensure the future FDLP is based on a shared vision between GPO and Federal depository libraries.

Information from libraries was collected through three tools:

  • Library Forecast Questionnaires: A survey gathered data about conditions in each individual depository library, issues each library faces now and anticipates in the future, and asked each library what GPO can do to assist them in providing free public access to U.S. Government information.

  • State Forecast Questionnaires: A survey gathered data about conditions depository libraries in a state or region (through consensus) face now and anticipate in the future, and asked what GPO can do to assist them in providing free public access to U.S. Government information.

  • State Focused Action Plans (SFAPs): This survey asked FDLP libraries in states or regions to document initiatives and activities they plan to implement in the next five years. SFAP submissions were collected and are available for viewing.

Analysis of the data from the questionnaires and the SFAPs will assist us in:

  1. developing ongoing GPO programs and services for FDLP libraries
  2. informing the strategic directions for GPO’s Library Services & Content Management (LSCM) business unit
  3. collaborating with the community on a National Plan shaping the future FDLP

Below is the planned schedule for release of results and analyses from the FDLP Forecast Study.

Data Reports

As part of the analysis of the Study, LSCM staff are producing Data Reports for the FDLP community. They will be released in phases and will present qualitative and quantitative analyses of the Questionnaire responses by individual Library and State Forecast question.

Library Forecast Questionnaire Results

1st Release (released May 15, 2013)

2nd Release (released May 28, 2013)

3rd Release (June 17, 2013)

4th Release

  • Q8: Importance of FDLP Tangible and Digital Authenticated Information
  • Q10: Importance of the Tangible Collection
  • Q12: Importance of Digital Information via FDsys
  • Q13: Storage of Digital Files
  • Q16: Anticipated Digital Barriers to Access
  • Q17: Rating LSCM Projects
  • Q18: Service Needs from LSCM
  • Q27: Interest in Shared Housing Agreements
  • Q28: Willingness to Preserve or Host a Permanent Digital Collection
  • Q29: Willingness to Develop A Subject Area Collection
  • Q30: Anticipated Leadership Opportunities
  • Q31: Ideal FDLP
  • Q32: Anticipated Future Needs from GPO
  • Q33: Current and Future Vision of the FDLP

State Forecast Questionnaire Results

5th Release

  • All State Forecast Data Reports

Working Papers

Working Papers will present more in depth analyses of results by six overall topics. These will include GPO’s planned responses to issues and needs and will be released in phases.

Library and State Forecast Questionnaire Results (Working Papers)

The following Working Papers will be released, beginning in June 2013.

  • Education
  • Collection Management
  • Preservation
  • LSCM Projects
  • Affiliations and Community Marketing
  • Future Roles and Opportunities

The FDLP Forecast Study Final Report

The FDLP Forecast Study Final Report will present an overall compilation of results, findings, and recommendations from Library and State Forecast Questionnaires; this will also encompass results from State Focused Action Plans.

These elements will inform the FDLP National Plan that will guide the future of the FDLP.

Further information on the FDLP Forecast Study, including a project description and background documentation, is also available.

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