Help Us Keep the Momentum Going: Submit Your Library's Forecast Today

More than twenty-five percent of Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) libraries have already submitted their FDLP Library Forecast questionnaires. Copies of the FDLP Library Forecast questionnaire are available on the project Web page. Help us keep this momentum going by submitting your library's Forecast today. Join your fellow FDLP community members in shaping the future of the Program. Remember that submitting your Library Forecast early and sharing your responses with state-level organizers helps to ensure that the FDLP State Forecast submitted on behalf of your state reflects the viewpoints of FDLP libraries within it. Completing your Library Forecast early will also assist state-level organizers in timely preparing state or FDLP region level State Focused Action Plans.

Please take this crucial step to create a body of data that will inform an FDLP National Plan and allow your state organizers to add your viewpoints and data to the state-level decision-making needed to complete an FDLP State Forecast and a state or region-level State Focused Action Plan. The viewpoints and data of every FDLP library are vitally important to help the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) make the most informed decisions about the future direction of the Program.

The Forecast Team Continues Outreach Efforts

The FDLP Forecast team has had a very productive March reaching out to and meeting with FDLP librarians. We met virtually with Colorado’s GoPIG (Government Publications Interest Group) and FDLP libraries in Minnesota, South Dakota, Michigan, and Iowa. In these sessions, members of the Forecast team provided an overview of the project, reviewed Forecast questionnaires and State Focused Action Plans, and answered questions. The response to these sessions has been positive. More state meetings are scheduled for the coming months. If you would like to schedule a virtual meeting to learn more about the project, ask questions, or simply talk with a member of the Forecast team, please contact us via askGPO; select the category "FDLP Forecast Study."

Members of the Forecast team also participated in two meetings hosted by GPO. The first, on March 8th, was for the Depository Library Council. This meeting provided Forecast team members with the opportunity to discuss our outreach and information gathering efforts. We received helpful advice and assistance in our continuing efforts to reach out to all members of the FDLP community and spread the word about how vital the viewpoints and data from FDLP libraries is to the FDLP Forecast Study.

The second meeting, on March 26th, focused on reaching out to Federal librarians in the greater D.C. area that are FDLP members. Federal librarians from FDLP member libraries within the greater D.C. area were invited to an information session where members of the Forecast team provided an overview of the Project, reviewed the Forecast questionnaires, and answered questions. The success of this meeting was due in large part to the support and participation of two regional coordinators, Barbie Selby of the University of Virginia and Celina Nichols of the University of Maryland, College Park. They each spoke about their plans to participate at the state and regional level in Virginia and Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Delaware respectively. Barbie Selby invited Forecast staff to participate in Virginia’s Forecast meeting on April 9, 2012. Celina Nichols is hosting a meeting for FDLP library coordinators in her region (Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Delaware) about this important initiative on April 12th. The support of regional coordinators and state GODORT groups has been instrumental in garnering FDLP member participation in this study. We appreciate your continuing support of our efforts to document the viewpoints of all types of libraries in the FDLP.

Share Your State's Plan for Completing the State Forecast and State Focused Action Plan

FDLP Forum.The project Web page has been updated to include a link to the State Forecast questionnaire. A PDF version of this questionnaire is also available and a Word version is coming soon. Please work together with other FDLP libraries in your state to complete and submit one State Forecast questionnaire to GPO. The Depository Library Council’s, James Jacobs, has established a forum on the FDLP Community site  for state organizing groups to share information about how they are working out the process of submitting FDLP State Forecasts and State Focused Action Plans. Please log on and share your plans with GPO and the community, and learn about what others are doing.

The Forecast Team thanks you for participating in this important initiative. Please let us know if we can assist you in completing your FDLP Library Forecast or help at the state level to facilitate discussions virtually, provide a project overview, or answer questions. Thank you for keeping the momentum going.

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