Trinity College Library in Hartford, Connecticut

GPO is proud to spotlight the Trinity College Library of Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut this month. Trinity College is a private, liberal arts college with an undergraduate enrollment of about 2,000 students in 38 different academic programs.

The Library, designated in 1895 as a Federal depository library, has more than a century of service providing access to U.S. Government information resources through the FDLP. Currently, newer depository publications are described in the library’s catalog and, increasingly, older publications have bibliographic records there as well. A Government Resources Web page explains the depository and U.S. Government publications collections at the library. In person and virtual reference services are offered. Anyone may also schedule appointments with library public services staff to help with extended, complex reference questions. Research guides on topics such as cities, economics, political science, and public policy include U.S. Government information, and classes where the librarians offer research instruction cover such topics as: American Government and Democratic Representation; The Weather: Historic Events, Great Storms; Introduction to Public Policy; and American National Government.

Founded in 1823, Trinity College is situated on a beautiful campus with abundant greenery and impressive architecture all around. The buildings are a mix of older and newer architectural styles blended together to give the campus a picture postcard appearance. In a desire to make the most effective use of historic print and newer electronic resources at the library, library staff recently performed a thoughtful and systematic review of the depository. The library offers a “picture postcard” of a long-standing depository that has blended its collections in new ways that best meet the needs of its researchers today.

With a large print collection to manage and decisions to make about the best way to provide access to the increasing number of online publications available from the U.S. Government, library staff initiated a long-term plan in 2005. Under the leadership of Doris Kammradt, Head Librarian for Collections, Research and Instruction, the library developed a strategic planning document entitled “A New Model for Access and Service”. This document provided the foundation for a new service model that relies on the expertise of staff throughout the library. The core team, in addition to Doris Kammradt, for developing and implementing this plan has been Katherine Hart, Thomas Zaharevich, and Bronzell Dinkins, under the direction of College Librarian, Dr. Richard Ross. They are quick to point out that this systematic and effective transition to their new model has only been accomplished with the help of all their library colleagues, who supported the project and participated where needed.

Several new processes and procedures were developed to transition operations to the new model. Publications determined to be frequently used have been reclassified into the general, circulating collection, which is organized by Library of Congress classification. Historic gems, such as the earliest leather-bound volumes of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set, were shifted for long-term preservation to The Watkinson Library, a special library with an extensive rare book collection that is located within the college library. Official depository coordination was shifted during the past five years from a technical services librarian to a public services librarian in order to take advantage of staff expertise during different phases of the project. To align new receipts with the updated collection focus, a zero-based depository item selection review took place. Also, given that the comprehensive regional depository is located a few short blocks away and that the library has a shared catalog with two other Federal depository libraries, collection management decisions were made with an educated knowledge of and collaboration with neighboring depositories.

With its long history of providing access to needed U.S. Government information, Trinity College should be very proud of its depository, which includes a mix of current and historic resources. The College and community should also be very proud of the library staff, who have implemented a highly effective transition to a more electronic depository, all designed to organize collections and provide services related to them that best meet the needs of the community.

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