Yavapai College Library

Your Right to Know! Yavapai College Library’s successful depository promotion highlighted.

Yavapai College Library in Prescott, Arizona, is the focus of the March 2010 Spotlight on a Federal depository library. Ninety miles southwest of Flagstaff and one hundred miles north of Phoenix, this library serves a large geographic area. Yavapai county is over 8,000 square miles with a population of 215,503. This community college opened its doors in 1969 and the Prescott Campus Library joined the Federal Depository Library program in 1976. Yavapai College has a second library in Clarkdale on its Verde campus; the combined campuses of Yavapai College serve some 9,400 students ranging from teenagers to senior citizens.

We wanted to open people’s eyes to the vast knowledge and resources that are available to them for FREE. Our population would definitely be interested in that!

In September of 2009 the libraries held a celebration in honor of Constitution Day at both the Prescott and Clarkdale campuses. The depository staff of Mollie Gugler, Documents Librarian, and Barbara Churchill, Documents Assistant, crafted a lively animated presentation, entitled "Your Right to Know!", to showcase the library’s access to and collection of government documents.

Using images, music, text, and narration, the presentation is tailored to the diverse interests of the community of students, faculty, veterans from the nearby Veteran Affairs Medical Center, and the general public. The video accompanied an in-house display of unusual government documents from the library collection that included 3-D viewing glasses from NASA, an ATF arson investigation guide, Braille publications, and activity books from the National Park Service.

It was a pleasure to select print and online Government Documents that were either personal favorites or just down-right interesting and fun. It was nice to break out of the routine and make Government Documents come alive to our patrons.

The impact of the Constitution Day celebration and the awareness of government documents went beyond the patrons in the library. The library administration took note and even the local newspaper described the library’s promotional events. Beyond these special events, the library works in general to promote and market government information to its students. One of the modules of a forthcoming non-credit online library course at Yavapai will be on "Finding Government Information."

GPO would like to extend our thanks to Yavapai College Library. Their dedication to promoting government information, as well as support from and acknowledgement by the library administration, are a testament to their efforts. They have truly reached out beyond their student population to expand access and awareness to the greater community. Take a few minutes to watch “Your Right to Know!”, presented by the Yavapai College Library. Share it with your colleagues, too. It just might inspire you to create a video clip, slide or Web presentation, instruction session, or a poster to promote your participation in the Federal Depository Library Program!