Oregon libraries sharing the regional collection (Oregon State Library, OSU, PSU, and UO)

The Oregon State Library and three public university libraries in Oregon – Oregon State University Valley Library, Portland State University Library, and University of Oregon Knight Library – share this month’s Federal depository library spotlight. GPO is pleased to highlight these four libraries which exhibit excellence in Federal depository library cooperation, to the benefit of current and long-term access to U.S. Government information in Oregon. These libraries recently undertook the responsibility to share the regional Federal depository library collection in Oregon through a distributed housing arrangement, with specified parts of the regional collection at each library.

Oregon State Library
Oregon State University Valley Library
Portland State University Library
University of Oregon Knight Library

Each library collects and provides public services in the library’s primary areas of subject expertise. This arrangement ensures that “a comprehensive collection of Federal depository publications will be managed and secured for citizen access in perpetuity, and the collaborating libraries will be able to provide more responsive access to Federal government information.” (From the Oregon State Library Web page).

The Oregon State Library, which is located in the capital of Salem, is currently the designated regional Federal depository library in the State and, as such, oversees the cooperative collection arrangements. In addition, the regional library is also responsible for consultation and reference, interlibrary loan, and other services to the selective Federal depository libraries in the State. Arlene Weible, an experienced government information librarian, serves as the regional librarian.

Like the Oregon State Library, the three university libraries are all public institutions. Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, and the University of Oregon is in Eugene. Portland State University is located in downtown Portland, Oregon. Valery King, Ted Smith, and Claudia Weston, Federal depository librarians at OSU, UO, and PSU respectively, share the regional responsibility for collection development and management at their institutions. Each participating library has an official Memorandum of Understanding with the Oregon State Library that supports this official distributed collection and service arrangement. As their individual Web pages demonstrate, each library provides unique services, but they all draw upon each other and other FDLP sources to maximize use of resources and provide even greater service.

As no single library may meet all potential information needs, these libraries are taking advantage of the cooperative opportunities within the FDLP to enhance access to and services for U.S. Government information. GPO commends the Oregon State Library and the three university libraries for their ongoing commitment to help researchers, locally and statewide, find and use U.S. Government information.