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  • The Government Information Services unit at the State Library of Ohio is being spotlighted this month for excellence in regional services to selective depositories in the state of Ohio.

    The State Library of Ohio was designated as the regional depository library on September 12, 1962.  Located in Columbus, the library has a collection of over 1 million publications and a historical collection that dates back to the 1700s. The library has received Federal publications for so long, it predates the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s (GPO’s) records and the Federal Depository Library Program as we know it today.

    Kirstin Krumsee has been the regional depository coordinator since May 2014. Since becoming the regional depository coordinator, Ms. Krumsee has been very engaged with GPO. Between August 2014 and September 2015, Ms. Krumsee was actively involved in GPO’s Public Access Assessments of Federal depository libraries throughout the state. While conducting PAAs, every single selective depository library in Ohio told GPO that they were happy with the services that the State Library of Ohio was providing to them. This is a testament to the commitment and knowledge of the staff at the State Library and, in particular, their depository coordinator. In addition, the library has hosted several GPO visits including a July 2015 visit with GPO Director Davita Vance-Cooks and a December 2015 visit with Anthony D. Smith, Chief of Projects & Systems for Library Services and Content Management. 

    Ms. Krumsee has visited 14 Ohio depositories where she provided guidance on depository issues. The library also has a web page that provides information for selective depositories in the state of Ohio. This page provides comprehensive information about state plans, resources, state listservs, and withdrawal information.

    The State Library is part of the OhioLINK consortium, which makes their books, including depository material, available to 121 Ohio libraries. The consortium offers state-wide borrowing privileges for close to 50 million books in its shared catalog, in addition to providing access to databases, journals, and eBooks. In essence, this means that any documents that can circulate at the State Library can be requested and lent throughout Ohio.

    At this time, the library is working on several projects to increase findability and usability of their depository documents. The library is creating a database of short records of Federal documents. The database contains 520,000 records for GPO-distributed documents published prior to 1976. The goal is to place the database online as it may become a useful tool for other depositories in the state. Recently, the library received a high-speed microfiche scanner that enables staff to provide Federal documents to selectives and patrons much more efficiently.

    GPO thanks the administration and staff at the State Library of Ohio for the significant ways in which they serve the Government information needs of the public and provide service to selectives depositories in Ohio! 

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