Dimond Library, University of New Hampshire

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  • Dimond Library at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) is the first depository library in New Hampshire to receive a Depository Library Spotlight. This large academic library has done an excellent job at maintaining a depository collection that best meets the needs of its students, faculty, and general public.

    UNH, a public land grant institution in a small state with only eight depository libraries, became a Federal depository in 1907. The largest depository collection is located in the north of the state at Dartmouth College, and UNH has assumed responsibility for serving as the main resource for Federal documents (including maps) to other depositories in the state. To meet that need, UNH has historically been and continues to be a large depository with an 80-90% item selection rate. Previously, the library was a patent depository until a renovation in 1996 caused the patent collection to be relocated to the New Hampshire State Library. Currently, the library has approximately 750,000 tangible documents in the depository collection. The most popular Government print publications accessed at the Dimond Library are publications by the Department of Defense, Department of Health & Human Services, National Park Service, Department of State, and the Department of Justice. As a land-, sea-, and space-grant institution, Government information is obviously a very integral part of the UNH Library’s collections/resources.

    The library recently celebrated its 100th anniversary along with other land grant universities designated as depositories by the 1907 legislation. UNH serves the general public by offering access to not only their depository collection but also to many commercial databases and other resources. Using the historic topographic map collection and other resources, library staff created the Historic USGS Maps of New England collection in the mid-1990s as one of the first digital collections in the library and in the Nation. Recently, Dimond Library secured and displayed some of the historic USGS copper engraving plates used for making topography maps for several New Hampshire towns.

    The library actively provides access to its Government information collection in a number of ways. The library features a changing and assorted variety of Government sites which often become news stories on the library’s website. The most recent resource featured is It's No Laughing Matter from the Library of Congress. Selected Government documents of broad appeal are displayed in the library’s New Book Room, along with other new books. Dimond Library also displays new or timely maps near the Map Room.

    The Government documents web page provides information on the Federal documents collection and includes many helpful links to Federal, state, and local resources. Example resource guides include information on climate data, Congress, geology, nautical charts, poverty, state data, and economic data. The library has done an excellent job making online Government information more accessible to library users.

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  • Linda Johnson is the Government Information Librarian at the University of New Hampshire. She has a distinguished career in documents librarianship, assuming the depository coordinator role 19 years ago. Linda, along with the Dimond library staff, have access to the large collection and put a great deal of effort into making their collection visible and available for use. They work through traditional cataloging as well as through their informative online resource guides and promotion. Their commitment and passion for Federal Government information serves the people of the University, the state of New Hampshire, and online users.

    For its care of the collections and the many ways it serves its community, GPO salutes and celebrates the University of New Hampshire’s Dimond Library.

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