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Arizona State University Libraries, Hayden LibraryThe Federal Depository Library Program’s (FDLP’s) newest depository spotlight is shining on Arizona State University (ASU) Libraries. The staff has done excellent work in promoting their Government documents collection through events, displays, social media, and online guides. The collection is located in Charles Trumbull Hayden Library, a beautifully-designed landmark on campus.

Arizona State University Libraries was designated as a Federal depository library in 1944. This year marks their 70th anniversary in the FDLP. The anniversary was marked with a display on the history of Government Documents. The staff at Hayden Library and the Arizona State University Libraries system have done a great job leveraging social media and Web resources to promote the documents collections and the FDLP.

The Library has developed many useful subject guides, from general information resources to detailed information related to ASU courses. Check out some of the library’s guides for Constitution Day. For example, there is a table for Fun and Games that includes entertaining ways to learn about Constitution Day. Online resource guides are an excellent way to draw attention to Government information. In addition, ASU Libraries hosts an annual Constitution Day event. Videos from the 2013 and previous year events are displayed on the home page of the Constitution Day guide. They may give others great ideas for other libraries. There’s still time, Constitution Day is annually celebrated on September 17th.

The ASU Libraries has a Web channel with videos about library news and events. It’s a great way to leverage online media for promoting collections and services. Check out this short video about Hidden Treasures in the Government Documents Collection.

ASU has also created several displays in the library space highlighting various topics and research areas. Each display also features a virtual component with pictures, and the resource lists are available online on the Minnesota State University subject list Web site. Lists include Music, Presidential Inauguration, the Black Military Experience, and General government resources.

ASU is a selective depository, selecting approximately 92% of materials available to depository libraries. In addition to a sizable collection of tangible and electronic resources, ASU also houses a large Map collection. Many of the maps at ASU come from participation in the FDLP.

Arizona State University Libraries has also created DocsCite. DocsCite is a resource guide that demonstrates how to properly cite Government publications in proper style format. The site also links to other authoritative citation resources, providing assistance in how to properly construct citations to Government resources. The guide encourages students to use Government documents as primary sources in their research.

To keep up with the goings on at this depository library, follow them on Twitter @ASUGovDocs or go to the ASU Libraries Facebook Page for occasional posts about Government Documents.

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