Raymond H. Fogler Library at the University of Maine at Orono

Imagine walking through the stacks of a library that inspired a future U.S. Senator and a famous novelist, among so many others. We are referring to the Raymond H. Fogler Library at the University of Maine at Orono, located in the heart of the state. It is a fascinating library to visit and conduct research, and for more than a century it has provided excellent services and no-fee public access to U.S. Government publications as a participant in the FDLP.

The University of Maine at Orono, founded in 1868, is the state’s flagship institution and one of the most comprehensive institutions in the Northeast. The university has a long list of famous alumni in all fields, including U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe and the author, Stephen King.

An institution that inspires so many must have a library to support such enrichment. The library's collections consist of over 1 million volumes, 1.6 million microforms, and 2.25 million United States, Maine State, and Canadian federal and provincial government publications. Certainly, when you’re looking for a U.S. Government publication at Fogler Library, you have a very large collection readily available on topics such as Congress or copyright, as well as aquaculture, census information and demographics, earth sciences, foreign relations, forestry, international commerce, marine studies, political science, water, and wildlife.

You’ll also find a dedicated staff to help you find what you need. With the care and attention the Government Documents Department and other library staff give to the depository operation, they have developed a depository that clearly focuses on serving their patrons. Following are just some examples of the library’s activities:

  • Multiple public service desks are staffed within the library, making it easy to find assistance.
  • The library highlights the depository on its home page, its “virtual door” to the library, through use of a FDLP graphic and a direct link to a guide on “Government Documents.”
  • Library staff help users find information within traditional library print collections and databases but also online in resources such as blogs and Facebook.
  • Library staff use government publications in all types of classes they teach. Examples of these are “Information Literacy” and “GIS and Maps.”
  • The library’s depository collection is promoted to the Orono and greater community through Fogler’s Facebook Page, electronic newsletters to faculty, and the friends of the library newsletter, the “Olive Tree.”
  • The library supplements the resources received through the FDLP with additional resources, including historic U.S. Government publications, GIS resources, Agricultural Experiment Station publications, and publications acquired through the library’s participation in the Patent and Trademark Depository Library Program.

The Library has been a participant in the FDLP since 1907, when it joined the Program along with other Land Grant institutions. It became a regional Federal depository library in 1964, soon after this designation was created through new legislation. As the regional library serving the states of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, Fogler Library receives all print and other tangible publications distributed through the FDLP.

As their regional depository librarian, Gregory Curtis, visits and consults with staff at all 25 of the selective depository libraries in these three states. This level of outreach serves to strengthen the regional network to the benefit of all library users in the Northeast.

GPO appreciates Fogler Library’s development of a regional depository collection and all of its related services that benefit users of U.S. Government information, and we look forward to the library’s continued success. The dedication of our depository libraries is what makes the FDLP such a vital and successful Program. The strength in that Program lies in the foundation of commitment and quality service provided by great libraries like Fogler.