Western Kentucky University and the CRDP

Western Kentucky University (WKU) has participated in the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s (GPO’s) Cataloging Record Distribution Program (CRDP) since its inception in 2009. CRDP is a program in cooperation with MARCIVE, Inc. that produces and distributes to participants GPO’s quality cataloging records at no charge to participating libraries. The bibliographic records are made available for downloading each month. WKU’s Tech Services Librarian, Uma Doraiswamy, then uploads the records in suppressed mode to our ALMA cataloging system.

The goal of our Government Documents unit at WKU Libraries has been to catalog into our OPAC every item in our almost-one-million-item Federal documents collection. I could more accurately describe that goal as more of a heartfelt commitment shared by our full-time documents staff, Dewayne Stovall and Debbie LaMastus, part time cataloger, Nada Durham, and myself. It is a mission to be accomplished.

Our documents from 2001 to 2009 had been cataloged in a local application which we called GovDox. These records were then exported to the OPAC, which at that time was Endeavor Voyager. Before that we relied on a shelf list card. We had begun to include earlier records (1976-2001) in our OPAC, which we profiled and purchased from MARCIVE, Inc. We were using OCLC to import those pre-1976 and post-2001 bibliographic records. All MARCIVE records were loaded in the suppressed mode. After we ascertained that we had the document in good shape, we then modified the record to our liking, uploaded it, and displayed it.

When GPO began the CRDP, it was an unexpected boon. We now rely on CRDP bibliographic records for the current Federal documents. This has been of immense help in making our footprint larger and more visible to our students, faculty, staff, and local community. When the CRDP appeared, we were immediately interested in advancing our OPAC cataloging mission.

What began as a pilot project with 48 participating libraries has grown to 135 libraries in FY 2016. We began our ambitious cataloging and digitizing project in February 2001. We were very familiar and pleased with the bibliographic records WKU had previously purchased from MARCIVE, Inc., so we were pleased to have joined the CRDP during the initial pilot.

Visit this enormously helpful web page to discover all the wonderful benefits of using this GPO service to catalog your collection.  It covers participants’ requirements and guidelines. Participating libraries are required to perform certain tasks, such as possess an integrated system that will allow Resource Description and Access (RDA) bibliographic records, maintain prompt retrieval of the records, and complete an annual survey for GPO. While there are other free sources for bibliographic records such as Documents Data Miner2 and the Catalog of Government Publications – and these are also recognized on the CRDP web page - WKU Libraries has found the CRDP to be a great partner in its shared, heartfelt commitment. Through the CRDP we can catalog current documents more quickly and get them processed, on the shelf and in our patrons’ hands so much faster than ever before. We appreciate the CRDP!

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