2017 Biennial Survey Map

To use the biennial survey map, click and drag within the map to move in the direction that you want to view. Use, the ctrl button and the mouse wheel to zoom in. You can also click the various numbered clusters to see pin points for each location. Below is a description of what each colored cluster means.

ClusterUpdatedClickable Cluster — up to 9 Federal Depository Libraries in the same vicinity.
YellowGoogleMapMarkerClickable Cluster — 10 or more Federal Depository Libraries in the same vicinity.
RedClusterClickable Cluster — 100 or more Federal Depository Libraries in the same vicinity.

For each of the pinpoint descriptions listed below the map, you can click the “Details” link or the title of the library in order to view the responses that were submitted via the survey.

If you want to use the search field, you can search by entering the FDLP number. For example, in the location field, type "0068A" which will return the 10th Circuit Library. 

Please note that the map only contains results for libraries that submitted the Biennial Survey on time. If your library’s survey was submitted late, it will not appear on the map.

FDLP Academy

FDLP Academy Banner.

Welcome to the FDLP Academy

The goals of the FDLP Academy are to:

  • Inform and educate the Federal depository library community about U.S. Government information resources.
  • Assist Federal depository libraries in better serving their communities.
  • Advance Government information literacy.

Through this collaboration between the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), Federal depository libraries, and other Federal agencies, FDLP library partners and the public will be better engaged and empowered with U.S. Government information. FDLP Academy, a service of GPO, enhances U.S. Government information knowledge through:

  • Events and conferences coordinated by GPO.
  • Webinars and webcasts on a wide variety of Government information topics, presented by GPO, other Federal agencies, or from the FDLP community.
FDLP Academy Mission:

Create and deliver enhanced educational opportunities to the FDLP community by fostering collaboration, by facilitating knowledge sharing, and through the application of new methods and use of multiple mediums.

Webinar archives box link

FDLP Academy Training Repository

FDLP webinars and conference events have been recorded and are freely available for viewing and sharing in the FDLP Academy Training Repository.  

Recordings are generally available one to three business days after the event.

The FDLP Academy Training Repository keeps recordings for approximately two years before undergoing a review for currency. Some recordings are kept after review; others are deleted.

Older recordings may be found in FDLP Academy: Webinars and Webcasts


Interested in becoming a presenter?

Learn more about becoming a guest presenter through the FDLP Academy: 

For Agencies

For Federal depository libraries

Let us know if you want to present a training session or host a training event through GPO’s virtual platform.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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FDLP Coordinator Certificate Program

Learn more about an introductory FDLP educational course series for Depository Coordinators – the FDLP Coordinator Certificate Program




Events and Conferences

GPO hosts annual events and conferences to offer collaborative and educational opportunities for the FDLP community.

Learn about FDLP Events and Conferences. 

View FDLP Academy Training Repository for Conference Proceedings of past virtual events and conferences.

Some virtual conference events have not yet migrated to the new platform and may be found in FDLP Academy: Events & Conferences.

View transcripts, photographs, and proceedings or archive from past FDLP events.

GPO’s eLearning platform presents webinars using WebEx. In order to attend or present at a GPO-hosted webinar, a WebEx plug-in must be installed in your internet browser(s). Download instructions.


Enhance your knowledge of Federal Government information through the FDLP Academy.


"Working with the FDLP Academy was great. We received the technical support and creative freedom needed to present a great webinar."

—Barbara Davis & Robert M. Brammer
Law Library of Congress

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Go to the FDLP Events Calendar to see upcoming events. Click on the event in the calendar to get more detailed information about the event.