Tips For Conference Success

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Before the conference

  1. Make sure you register to attend the event so you have handy access to session URLs and informational materials.
  2. If you plan on attending using a desktop or laptop computer, make sure you have installed the WebEx plugin on the Internet browser you plan to use to join the sessions.
  3. If you plan on attending using a smart device, such as a tablet or phone, make sure you have the WebEx app installed and app permissions set for your device.
  4. If you haven’t already, treat yourself! Acquire a comfortable headset or earphones to better hear presentations. (Go on. You deserve it.)
  5. Read the event emails you receive from GPO. They include important access information and instructions, including tips for preferred devices for optimizing your WebEx experience.
  6. Check out the schedule and agenda in advance, and identify your conference goals.
  7. Check out the slides and handouts that are uploaded in advance to get a feel for which sessions you want to attend.
  8. Review the latest LSCM Update Handout to get familiar with GPO projects and initiatives in support of the FDLP and Cataloging & Indexing Program.
  9. Put together a list of questions that you would like to address. There will be plenty of time for Q&A and networking with GPO staff, the DLC, and the FDLP community.
  10. Get ready for ‘Snacks with Council’ by baking some of the famous DoubleTree Hotel cookies. You’ll feel like you are transported to Arlington, VA with the first bite.

During the event

  1. If you join the session using your desktop or laptop computer, upon joining the virtual room, you will need to connect your audio. You can do so using your computer’s speakers/mic or via phone. Click Audio at the top of your screen and then Audio Conference for instructions.
  2. Minimize distractions as much as possible.
  3. a. Shut down your email.
    b. Turn off your second monitor to avoid the temptation to web surf.
    c. And if you have one (or more), give the cat/dog/children treats before a program.
  4. Take advantage of “Snacks with Council,” to talk with the members of the DLC, your fellow attendees, and GPO staff.
  5. a. Make sure to get the contact information for the connections you’ve made.
  6. Share your thoughts, questions, and comments in the chat box. Let’s make this event interactive and collaborative.
  7. Jot down thoughts, impressions, inspirations, and ideas to think about after the event.
  8. Use and follow the hashtag - #FDLConference. Share your photos, insights, and tidbits you learn from the presenters.
  9. Browse the poster and exhibitor galleries to learn more about innovative projects, services, and resources.

After the event

  1. Review the thoughts you captured. Decide what items you can act on at your library.
  2. Review the contacts you’ve made, and follow up with them.
  3. GPO staff are always willing to meet and talk with you to answer questions, consult, or point you in the right direction. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  4. If you missed a session you wanted to attend, be sure to check the conference archive for recordings of certain sessions.
  5. View the conference event page to access archived conference materials.
  6. Complete the conference survey to help us improve future events.
  7. Check your email for follow-up information from GPO.