Institutions that have a project or a resource that would benefit the public and the depository community can form partnerships with the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO).

Many Federal agencies and Federal depository libraries have developed unique or innovative services for both the public and Federal depository libraries. GPO provides and guarantees access to these services for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) through partnerships.

Generally, partnerships with Federal agencies and Federal depository libraries provide the following benefits:

  • Permanent public access to electronic content that GPO does not provide.
  • Access to services that allow Federal depository libraries to enhance their collections.
  • Access to services and resources that connect the public to its Government's information.
  • Access to resources that assist Federal depository libraries to manage their collections.

The following is a list of current partnerships:

Title Description Institution(s) Category
TRAIL: Technical Report Archive & Image Library TRAIL identifies, acquires, catalogs, digitizes and provides unrestricted access to U.S. Government agency technical reports. TRAIL currently has over three dozen member institutions, including GPO, whose membership fees and volunteered staff time further the efforts of the project.
NASA Technical Reports Provides permanent access to the public NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS) National Aeronautics and Space Administration Langley Research Center Content
Answering the Call Provides permanent public access to a digitized collection of World War I posters from Federal agencies held in the library's Governemnt Documents World War Poster Collection. Milner Library, Illinois State University Content
Historic Publications of the United States Commission on Civil Rights Provides permanent public access to historical and current publications of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Thurgood Marshall Law Library, University of Maryland School of Law, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Content
Census 2000 Provides depository library access to Census 2000 data issued by the Census Bureau in comma- delimited ASCII format. University Library of Case Western Reserve University, Census Bureau Content
CIC Floppy Disk Project Making publications that were distributed to federal depository libraries on floppy disk available over the Internet. Indiana University-Bloomington Libraries Content
Cybercemetery Provides permanent public access to the Web sites and publications of defunct U.S. Government agencies and commissions. University of North Texas Libraries Content
Davis Bacon Wage Determinations Provides permanent public access to the Davis Bacon wage determinations. Department of Labor(DOL), National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Content
Department of State Foreign Affairs Network (DOSFAN) Provides permanent public access to electronically archived information products produced by the U.S. Department of State from 1990 through 1997 and includes archived Web sites of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and the U.S. Information Agency. Richard J. Daley Library, University of Illinois at Chicago Content
Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER) Provides public access to content in the Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER) service. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Content
GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions Provides permanent public access to the GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions databases. GAO materials available from this site date to the 1970's. Government Accountability Office Content
National Library of Medicine Provides permanent public access to publications, bibliographic files, terminology and other data files in medicine from NLM. National Library of Medicine Content
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Provides permanent public access to NREL's laboratory and outreach publications. Under the terms of the agreement, publications will remain available on the NREL server permanently. National Renewable Energy Laboratory Content
Panama Canal Provide public access to the digital collection of Panama Canal Commission (PCC) and Isthmian Canal Commission (ICC) publications. University of Florida Libraries Content
U.S. Department of Treasury Library Digital Content Provides access to digitized content from the Treasury library through GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys). U.S. Department of the Treasury Content
U.S. Government Posters Provides access to a collection of over 1,500 digitized posters issued by various U.S. Government agencies. University of Iowa Libraries Content
WPA Materials Provide permanent public access to tangible and digital Works Progress/Work Projects Administration (WPA) material held by the university." University of Kentucky Libraries Content
Cooperative Cataloging Provides increased access to bibliographic records for pre-1976 and fugitive publications from 12 SuDoc classification ranges. Maureen & Mike Mansfield Library at the University of Montana Service
Enhanced Shipping List Service Allows depository libraries to automatically check inclusion list against shipping lists, print call number labels, or save the label file to print label. State University of New York at Buffalo. Service
GIO Provides increased public access to online reference assistance through the Government Information Online (GIO): Ask a Librarian virtual reference service. University of Illinois at Chicago Service
Government Information on the Web Subject Index Provide increased access to the subject index, serving as a starting point for browsing subject areas, bringing both broad and detailed subject listings from many libraries together in one index. St. Mary's University's Louis J. Blume Library Service
Cooperative Cataloging for USGS Bulletins and Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations series Provides increased access to bibliographic records for publications in those two long-running series. University of Colorado, Norlin Library Service
Cooperative Cataloging for Four USGS Series Provides increased access to bibliographic records for the electronic versions of publications in four USGS series. Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines Service
Homeland Security Digital Library Provides FDL access to the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL), a database of over 50,00 non-classified presidential directives, policy and national strategy documents, as well as specialized resources related to Homeland Security. Naval Postgraduate School Hybrid
Public Health Reports Provides FDL access to the electronic version of Public Health Reports, the official journal of the U.S. Public Health Service. Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH) Hybrid


Partnerships generally fall into three general categories:

Provide public access to electronic Federal material.
Provide enhanced services to depository libraries and the public.
Provide a mix of electronic content with a variety of services.

Partnerships are not limited to these categories. GPO will consider partnerships that fall outside of these categories.


In partnering with GPO, your institution can take advantage of the following benefits:

The United States Government is the largest publisher in the world and GPO is the largest distributor of Federal Government information. Partnership with GPO and the FDLP brings greater credibility to your institution and service.
Bring positive attention to your institution and service.
In the event that a partner is unable to provide permanent public access, GPO will make arrangements to provide access to the resource.
GPO will promote the partnership and add cataloging records and bibliographic access through the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP).


While each partnership is different, the purpose of these partnerships remains the same, to provide enhanced access to U.S. Government information. Therefore, the following points are important considerations when thinking about entering into a partnership.

Public Access
Partners agree to provide the public with unrestricted, no-fee access.
No Restrictions on Reuse
It is critical that the partner(s) impose no restrictions on re-dissemination, which may impede the public's ability to use the information.
Government information provided through the partnership must remain the public domain. Partners retain intellectual property rights to any value-added software.
System Admin/Security
Provisions must be taken to ensure the uptime and integrity of the service (e.g., failover, backups, and firewalls).
Partners must remain in regular contact (as defined by the agreement) with GPO.


The following describes the process involved in developing FDLP partnerships:

Send us your proposal if you wish to pursue a partnership and your library has an affiliation with a Federal agency or Federal depository library. There is no need to wait until a project is near completion before contacting us.
GPO evaluates all partnership proposals by using a set of general criteria and criteria related to the proposal’s specialization. GPO considers internal costs and other factors, such as staffing resources and current project priorities, when reviewing a partnership proposal.
Throughout the process, the GPO partnership coordinator will interface with the prospective partner and will coordinate between GPO and your institution.
The partner institution(s) and GPO usually formalize their partnership through a Letter of Agreement (LOA). While GPO and the partner institution(s) will determine the exact requirements for the LOA based on the nature of the project, LOAs for content and service partnerships have a similar structure.

Prominently display your partnership status with GPO on your Web site or in printed educational and public relations materials you develop. GPO's partners may use the logo that GPO has developed for the partnership program. This logo not only establishes the partnership as one of importance, but serves as an indirect way to promote the partnership itself to any who view the product.

gpo partner color 227px wide

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