Historic Publications

GPO's Catalog of U.S. Government Publications and govinfo.gov offer free public access to a wide variety of interesting Government documents. Check out these interesting historic finds.

Spring 2020


Winter 2019

  • 1 usgs report

    Did wood-pulp mills in New York contribute to pollution in Lake Champlain? The USGS investigated in 1905.

  • 2 national monetary commission

    Want to know more about banking conditions in the U.S. and other countries before World War I? Check out this January 1912 report from the National Monetary Commission.

  • 3 german painting hearing

    Learn how three paintings, including a Rembrandt, were stolen from Germany in 1922 and ended up in Ohio. The Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce discussed the potential return of the paintings to West Germany during this 89th Congress hearing.


Fall 2019

  • PL101-343

    Get ready to celebrate National American Indian Heritage Month with Public Law 101-343, which designated November 1990 as the first National American Indian Heritage Month, and accompanying Proclamation 6230.

  • NorthewestSector

    The map Northwest sector No. 10-22, issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1944, was digitized and contributed by Washington State Library.

  • Dietary Intake

    Dietary intake findings: United States, 1971-1974 reported data from the first Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HANES) on the intakes of various nutrients by the U.S. population, for individuals aged 1-74 years.


Summer 2019

  • 4 NOAAactivitybook

    Looking for educational activities to beat the heat? This NOAA activity book teaches climate science through interactive activities.  

  • 5 wildlifecircular

    Digitized and contributed by Washington State Library, Wildlife Circular 3 describes the implementation of the Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration Act, passed in 1937.


Spring 2019

  • 1 wallpaper

    Considering renovating a historic property? This report from the National Park Service offers an extensive history of wallpaper styles and technologies, and guidance for restoration projects.

  • 2 mallards

    Government publications are fun for all ages! Enjoy this picture book and learn about the mating patterns of mallard ducks.

  • 3 finalreportWPA

    The Works Progress Administration provided employment for 8,500,000 individuals over the course of the program’s eight years in operation. The Final Report on the WPA Program, 1935-43 chronicles projects undertaken, employment by state and project, and program expenditures.

  • 4 hearing

    In 1961 the U.S. Government passed H.R. 5442, mandating the inclusion of a maker’s mark on gold and silver articles. This hearing describes the need for expanded consumer protection, beyond the scope of the National Stamping Act.  

  • 5 coloringbook

    Looking for a fun staff development activity? Learn about wildlife and relieve stress with this coloring book from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.