FDLP Forecast Study

Project Description

The Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Forecast Study queried Federal depository libraries about their pressing issues, goals, and viewpoints, and asked them to identify initiatives and needs.

Data was collected through three tools:

  • Library Forecast Questionnaires: A survey gathered data about conditions in each individual depository library, issues each library faces now and anticipates in the future, and asked each library what GPO can do to assist them in providing free public access to U.S. Government information.
  • State Forecast Questionnaires: A survey gathered data about conditions depository libraries in a state or region (through consensus) face now and anticipate in the future, and asked what GPO can do to assist them in providing free public access to U.S. Government information.
  • State Focused Action Plans (SFAPs): This survey asked FDLP libraries in states or regions to document initiatives and activities they plan to implement in the next five years.

Data from the Study is being used to:

  1. Develop ongoing U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) programs and services for FDLP libraries
  2. Inform strategic direction for GPO’s Library Services & Content Management (LSCM) business unit
  3. Cultivate a National Plan for shaping the future FDLP

The FDLP Forecast Study ensures the future FDLP is based on a shared vision between GPO and Federal depository libraries.

Presentation and Release of Results

At the time of the Questionnaires (summer 2012), there were 1,201 FDLP libraries.

  • 802 responded to Library Forecast Questionnaires, for an overall response rate of 67%
  • 45 responded to State Forecast Questionnaires, for an overall response rate of 83%
  • 34 State Focused Action Plans were submitted

The results of the Library and State Forecast Questionnaires are being presented as:

Data Reports

Data Reports present results by individual Library and State Forecast question, reported by qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Library Forecast Questionnaire Results

1st Release (released May 15, 2013)

2nd Release (released May 28, 2013)

3rd Release (June 17, 2013)

4th Release (July 3, 2013)

5th Release (July 17, 2013)

6th Release (July 31, 2013)

State Forecast Questionnaire Results

7th Release (August 13, 2013)

Working Papers

Data collected from the Library and State Forecast Questionnaires falls into six overall themes. The Working Papers analyze the major findings and inferences of each theme. These Papers also include GPO’s planned responses to issues and needs.

State Focused Action Plans

SFAP submissions were collected and are available for viewing.

A summary report of information provided by depository libraries in a state or depository region through the State Focused Action Plans (SFAP) is also available.

Final Results Report

The final report summarizes the findings of the three data collecting tools.

Additional Forecast Study Resources

Study Documents
FDLP Connection Articles
Related Documents and Resources

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The Washington State Library is proof you don’t need to be digitizing a large portion of your collection to contribute content to govinfo. The library was already digitizing Federal publications requested through ILL. As Carmen Tinker says, “we thought that if we are already digitizing, we should do what we can to make those digital files as accessible as possible. I think that making Federal publications more widely accessible is an important part of our role as a regional depository, and it also fits in to the mission and strategic goals of our library as a whole.”

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