Marketing GPO’s Partnerships

One of the benefits that depositories and agencies are afforded by participating in a partnership with GPO is the promotion of their product or service by GPO. Historically, GPO has executed a number of activities to promote each of its partners. The purpose of this initiative is to expand upon current practices. All promotion practices currently in place will continue as GPO takes on this endeavor.

GPO has created these strategies as a way to help our partners expand awareness of their important products and services, however, partners are not required to take part in any promotional or marketing strategies unless noted in the partner’s specific Memorandum of Understanding.

Current Partnership Marketing Practices

LSCM announces partnership news primarily via the FDLP Desktop and various electronic discussion lists. When warranted by the nature of the partnership, a joint news release may be issued.

Flyers describing the partnership program have also been included in the information packets distributed at FDLP-related conferences and have been made available at the GPO booth at major library conferences. In addition, flyers announcing major revisions to existing partnerships have been included in the information packets when appropriate.

New Marketing Strategies

In the section below, strategies are highlighted that may be undertaken by GPO in order to promote the products and services provided by GPO partners.

  1. Partnership Logos: Create a digital logo for GPO partners. These logos would be GPO-created images for each partner to display on their Web site. (A print version would also be created.) This type of recognition piece not only establishes the partnership as one of importance but also serves as an indirect way to promote the partnership itself to any who view the product.
  2. Quote Collections: Develop a collection of quotes from various members of GPO leadership on the importance, usefulness, and uniqueness of the services or products made available through each partnership. Each “quote collection” will then be made available to each partner as a resource they can utilize to promote the partnership. Quotes can be used in press releases, speech presentations, promotional flyers, and on Web sites. Additionally, this collection of quotes will be made available on the FDLP Desktop.
  3. Recognition at GPO-sponsored Conferences: GPO partners will get ribbons for their conference badges that identify them as GPO partners.
  4. E-mail Distribution Lists: Develop a collection of relevant e-mail distribution lists, and designate one GPO staff member to post pertinent partnership news to all relevant lists (as determined according to topic).
  5. Partnership Annual Update: Develop a GPO Partners Annual Update that is distributed to all GPO partners on an annual basis in order to inform them of the latest progress and news regarding their and other GPO partnerships.
  6. Forum for Partners: Utilize the FDLP Community Forum functionality to establish a Partner Forum where partners can collaborate on topics related to partnerships.
  7. Milestone Publicity: Publicize milestones for partners on various e-mail distribution lists and at conferences and speaking engagements, i.e. 5 years as a GPO partner, 1,000th page view for X Web site, GPO’s 25th partner, etc.
  8. Partner of the Month: Feature GPO’s “Partner of the Month” on the FDLP Desktop, rotating through all of the partners. This will bring added attention to each of GPO’s important partnerships.
  9. Link Sharing: Encourage partners to link share with other partners with related offerings.
  10. Government Web Sites: Designate a GPO staff member to browse Government Web sites to determine where GPO may be able to post links or information about GPO partnerships.
  11. E-mail Signatures: Develop standard language that promotes each partnership, which can be integrated into e-mail signature lines for partner institution staff members.
  12. Blogging: Encourage blogging to the partners as a free method of promotion.
  13. Journal Articles: Encourage partners to write articles for various field journals. GPO will assist in the composition of such articles.
  14. Partner-Created Videos: Encourage partners to create videos about their partnership. These videos can be submitted to GPO and featured on the FDLP Desktop.
  15. Social Media & Social Networking Sites: Encourage partners to post their unique videos on social media and social networking sites.

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On October 1, 1890, an act of Congress creates Yosemite National Park, home of such natural wonders as Half Dome and the giant sequoia trees. Environmental trailblazer John Muir (1838-1914) and his colleagues campaigned for the congressional action, which was signed into law by President Benjamin Harrison and paved the way for generations of hikers, campers and nature lovers. Check out these resources from the CGP:


The Office of Homeland Security was founded on October 8, 2001, less than one month after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Now a cabinet department, Homeland Security is now one of the largest organs of the U.S. Government, charged with preventing terror attacks, border security, immigrations and customs, disaster relief and prevention and other related tasks. Check out these resources from the CGP:


Introducing the U.S. Congressional Serial Set collection on govinfo! The initial release includes select volumes from the 69th Congress, the 82nd Congress, and several 19th century Congresses.


Suzanne Sears served on the DLC from 2008-2011 while working as a Government documents librarian and then administrator at the University of North Texas. She has been the Dean of Libraries at Texas Woman’s University since July 2016. She married her longtime boyfriend in June 2020 and is now Suzanne Sellers. They enjoy attending Kansas City Chiefs home games and playing with their six grandchildren.


Jane Sanchez previously served GPO as its Director of Library Services and Content Management. Prior to her passing in early 2021, she worked as the Law Librarian of Congress and spearheaded the effort to digitize the Congressional Serial Set. The staff at GPO is grateful to Jane for her many contributions to the FDLP.

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FDLP LibGuides offers guides for Spanish speakers.

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