Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS)

Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS) allows Federal depository libraries to view and manage their item selection profiles.

Launched in April 2012, DSIMS is a replacement for the Depository Distribution Information System (DDIS), which had been used by the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) since 1982.

DSIMS allows libraries to drop publications and add online (EL) publications at any time. Meanwhile, libraries can queue adds into a cart at any time. The cart is processed at the start of each new fiscal year (October 1); therefore, there will no longer be an Annual Item Selection Update Cycle. DSIMS also provides enhanced backend functionality for GPO staff.

This is a preliminary release of DSIMS. More advanced features and other materials will be released in the near future.

pdf tutorial (1.76 MB) has been developed that provides an overview of the features of DSIMS and describes how libraries use the system to view and manage item selection profiles.

Data Migration and Cleanup

Data was migrated from DDIS to DSIMS. Libraries are encouraged to check their item selection profiles in DSIMS to verify that their selection information is correct. Please contact askGPO if any data discrepancies are found.

While the vast majority of the DDIS data was successfully migrated into DSIMS through automated processes, there were a few item numbers that required additional review and manual entry. Data cleanup on these item numbers will be completed in the near future.

Due to changes made as part of the data migration, additional data fields will be included in the List of Classes.

In addition to the data cleanup and migration, DDIS data was updated to align with today's relational databases. Consequently, new item numbers were created to provide a one-to-one relationship between item numbers and SuDoc stems as well as greater selection granularity.

Examples of Data Cleanup

Selection by Geography

Users will see:

Item Number SuDoc Stem
0001 A 1.47:[P]
0001-A-01 A 1.47:[EL]
0159-C-01 C 3.223/5:[Alabama][P]
0159-C-02 C 3.223/5:[Alaska][P]

Multiple item numbers for the same SuDoc stem are often issued so libraries can select a specific format or a specific geographic area. The format or geographic area has been added to the SuDoc stem in square brackets after the colon.

The information in the brackets conveys the format or geographic area covered by the item number and is not part of the SuDoc stem.

Selection by Format

Prior to data migration, one item number for many SuDoc stems and formats:

Item Number SuDoc Stems, Title, Format
0863 S 1.1/4: Report of the Visa Office (annual) (EL)
  S 1.3/4: Visa Bulletin (monthly) (EL)
  S 1.69: Department and Foreign Service Series (MF)
  S 1.69/2: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States (annual) (EL)

After data migration, new item numbers created:

Item Number SuDoc Stems, Title, Format
0863-A-02 S 1.1/4: Report of the Visa Office (annual) (EL)
0863-A-03 S 1.3/4: Visa Bulletin (monthly) (EL)
0863 S 1.69: Department and Foreign Service Series (MF)
0863-04 S 1.69/2: Foreign Consular Offices in the United States (annual) (EL)

NOTE: New item numbers were created for three of the stems listed above, and one stem was left with the existing item number.

900 New Item Numbers Created

In order to create a one-to-one relationship between item numbers and SuDoc stems, as part of the DSIMS data migration, some item numbers were split out and approximately 900 item numbers were created for any item number that had multiple SuDoc stems in different formats. These new item numbers, created for existing SuDoc stems, were then added to the selection profiles of the libraries selecting the original item numbers.

Some libraries may see a large number of new item numbers on their selection profiles. Item numbers that had multiple SuDoc stems as well as different formats associated with them had to be broken out into separate item numbers during the migration process.

The new item numbers will not impact depository receipts. The same content is being distributed under the new item numbers as under the older ones. New item numbers were only added to selection profiles when libraries had previously selected item numbers with multiple SuDoc stems and different formats. This breakout of item numbers gives libraries greater granularity in selecting publications.

Records for the 900 newly-created item numbers will be added to WEBTech Notes.

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