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    Federal Trade Commission

    The FTC’s materials can help your patrons resolve consumer issues. You’ll find materials in Spanish, videos, some presentation slides with talking points, some worksheets, and some lesson plans.

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    U.S. Census Bureau

    The U.S. Census Bureau is dedicated to providing current facts and figures about America’s people, places, and economy. While we’re best known for the decennial census (or census of population and housing taken every 10 years), we also conduct more than 130 censuses and surveys of households and businesses across the nation each year. Our work provides the data used for decision making by businesses, city planners, non-profit organizations, students and more. The Census Bureau's mission is to serve as the nation’s leading provider of quality data about its people and economy and invite you to visit www.census.gov to explore our current and past offerings.

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    Government primary source and secondary source materials provide in-depth insights on the inner workings of government and reveal new perspectives on events that dominate today’s headlines.

    With ProQuest, students and researchers have access to comprehensive collections detailing the actions of the U.S. Congress, executive branch agencies and Supreme Court to uncover the shaping of policy and law related to areas such as presidential powers, healthcare and social contracts, immigration, climate change and much more.

    These unique and comprehensive digital assets are essential for research and learning in such disciplines as political science, public policy, politics, public administration, international relations, law and government.

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    Founded in 1973, the nonprofit NEDCC | Northeast Document Conservation Center serves clients nationwide, specializing in the preservation of paper- and film-based materials for libraries, museums, archives, government agencies, and other organizations, as well as individuals. NEDCC provides conservation treatment for book, photograph, and paper collections, as well as digital imaging, audio preservation, assessments, consultations, and disaster assistance. The Center is a trusted national and international resource for preservation information and training.

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    • NEDCC Stories – Read about interesting conservation, digitization, and audio preservation projects and view detailed photo galleries.
    • Paper Conservation – NEDCC’s paper conservators are highly skilled and can treat a wide variety of materials, including maps, photographs, documents, architectural drawings, parchment, as well as 3-dimensional object with paper components such as globes.
    • Book Conservation - The Center’s book conservator treat a wide variety of bound materials that range in date, style, and format, including printed books, diaries and early record books, manuscripts, photograph albums, scrapbooks, and atlases.
    • Digital Imaging – As a complement to our conservation services, NEDCC offers digitization and facsimile printing services for fragile, rare, and historically significant records and collections. The Center digitizes a variety of formats including nitrate and acetate films, glass plates, maps, blueprints, books, scrapbooks, documents, and photographs.
    • Audio Preservation – Following accepted best practices, NEDCC performs 100% attended transfers of unique or fragile recordings on disc, wax cylinder, and magnetic and digital audiotape.
    • Preservation Services – NEDCC‘s Preservation Specialists offer a variety of services and resources to help institutions and individuals care for their collections. The Center provides Preservation Training, Assessments and Consultations, Free Advice through its “Ask NEDCC” service, Free Web Resources on preservation of many types collections, and 24/7 Disaster Telephone Assistance.
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    Readex offers acclaimed digital collections of government documents for research and teaching in humanities, social sciences and STEM fields. Origins of Modern Science and Technology, our newest family of six digital products, now includes Public Health: Global Origins of Modern Health Policy and Management, 1957-1995. A related digital product family, Twentieth-Century Global Perspectives, includes ten individually available collections on critical topics in world history. Other new government documents collections include Territorial Papers of the United States, 1764-1953. And coming early in 2021 is Native American Tribal Histories, 1813-1880, which will offer the complete records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendents. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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    Since 2002, Benefits.gov has served as the official benefits website of the U.S. Government helping millions in need on their path to Government benefits. Benefits.gov is an educational, citizen-centric platform designed to make it easier for users to access information on Government benefits. On Benefits.gov, citizens browse over 1,000 Government assistance programs and check their eligibility for these programs using the Benefit Finder questionnaire.

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    Learn more about the free library service for individuals who are unable to read or use regular print materials because of a visual, physical, or perceptual disability. Eligible residents of the United States and US citizens living abroad may borrow and download braille and talking books free of charge.

    Over 150,000 titles – including bestsellers and classics, audio and braille magazines, and music instruction and appreciation materials – are available in audio, braille, and print/braille formats or for immediate download on the BARD Mobile app for iOS and Android smart devices.

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    The CFPB is committed to providing consumers with up-to-date information and resources to protect and manage their finances.

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    The Naval History and Heritage Command traces its lineage to 1794, when the Navy Department Library was established under the Naval Bureau, which was part of the War Department in Philadelphia. In 1800, President John Adams asked Benjamin Stoddert, the first Secretary of the Navy, to prepare a catalog of professional books best suited for a naval library. Today, the NHHC is the central resource for today’s operational Navy and acts as the service's institutional memory. Headquartered on the historic Washington Navy Yard, D.C., the Command includes ten Navy museums nationwide as well as a detachment that maintains the Navy’s oldest commissioned warship, USS Constitution, in Boston, Mass.

    The NHHC manages the official history program of the United States Navy, fulfilling its mission to strengthen the Navy’s effectiveness by preserving, analyzing, and interpreting the service’s hard-earned experience. A professional staff of historians, archivists, librarians, museum specialists, and naval personnel carries out historical activities and supports the fleet.

    The Command oversees Navy programs and instructions related to history; advances knowledge of naval history and heritage through professional research, analysis, and interpretation, delivering a range of knowledge products and services; advises the Navy, other agencies, and the public on issues related to Navy ship and aircraft wrecks; and administers grants, fellowships, scholarships, and internships related to naval history.

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    The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse is an Office of Family Assistance (OFA) funded national resource for fathers, practitioners, programs/Federal grantees, states, and the public at-large who are serving or interested in supporting strong fathers and families.


    The goals of the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC) are to provide, facilitate, and disseminate current research and proven and innovative strategies that will encourage and strengthen fathers and families and providers of services via the following activities:

    National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse: Factsheet (2012) (PDF - 457 KB)


    Fatherhood.gov is a site for:

    • Dads looking for tips, hints and even deals for dads and kids – find them on the DadTalk Blog and in the For Dads corner
    • Fatherhood programs looking to get started or expand – check out the For Programs section
    • Researchers and policy makers looking for the latest on responsible fatherhood – check out our Library

    To understand the types of information the NRFC collects and maintains about visitors to our Website, please review our Privacy Policy.

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