Forwarding or Returning Misdirected Shipment Boxes

A misdirected depository shipment box is one you receive that:

  • Does not have your library number on it.
  • Has your library number on it but the contents are not items that you select.
  • Has your library number on it and the contents are duplicates of items you have already received.

Nofity GPO

If you receive a misdirected depository shipment box, contact us and include:

  • Your library number
  • The library number on the shipping label
  • The library number on the inside flap
  • The library number of the bottom of the box
  • The library number on the side of the box under the shipping label
  • The box’s weight
  • The ID number in Reference field 2

Return Labels

Request a return label when:

  • The contents are duplicates of items you have already received
  • You can’t identify which library the box belongs to

The return label will be sent by email from the UPS vendor.

Forwarding Labels

Request a forwarding label when you can identify the owner of the box. The forwarding label will be placed in your regular shipment box or mailed to you in an envelope via the USPS.

Note: Many libraries have spam filters in place for their email, which may block receipt of email sent by GPO. In order to receive important email (including shipping labels), please:
  • Add the gpo.gov domain name to your email contact list, and/or
  • Add gpo.gov domain email addresses to your “white list” or a “safe recipient list”

This will help ensure that email will not get directed to your junk mail folder or caught up in spam filters.

If you continue to have problems receiving email from GPO, contact your institution’s IT staff to see if other filters are being applied.

Label processing

The forwarding label will be placed in your regular shipment box, sent electronically to your e-mail account or mailed to you in an envelope via the USPS.

If you receive an electronic forwarding label via email, scroll down to the end of the message to see the label and to print.

Place the label on the box and place it at your UPS pick up point. If you do not provide the weight of the material, the label will show a default weight of 15 pounds. UPS will weigh the box at the time of pick up.

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