New Mexico State Library Named 2005 Federal Depository Library of the Year

Winner of the 2005 Library of the Year.The U.S. Government Printing Office is proud to present to New Mexico State Library the 2005 Library of the Year Award. The library won the award for going the extra mile to promote the goals of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) in creative and innovative ways.

"New Mexico State Library is a shining example of what can happen when conscientious dedication and technological advances meet. This combination has ensured that access to authentic Federal Government documents is among the top priorities at this now award-winning state library," said Bruce James, Public Printer of the United States. "The New Mexico community is served by some of the most resourceful, innovative, and knowledgeable librarians in the country and GPO salutes their achievements."

New Mexico State Library's programs have helped provide access to Government information to people whether living in a city or on an isolated mountaintop. Deputy Public Printer Bill Turri presented the award to library staff during a ceremony on October 16th, as part of this year’s Fall Federal Depository Library Conference. Achievements such as New Mexico News Plus, the New Mexico State Library Digital Archive Project, and Docs on Wheels provide access to Government information to the people of New Mexico.

New Mexico News Plus is a web-based information research service designed to serve as an access tool for New Mexico’s libraries, students, teachers, citizen activists, and federal/state government policy makers. Updated each morning in response to the news of the day, New Mexico News Plus provides the user with links to Government documents and agency contacts behind each story.

The New Mexico State Library Digital Archive Project provides a mechanism for the library to capture “fugitive” electronic documents from regional Federal agencies that have been identified on the New Mexico News Plus service or through local agency contacts. Many documents produced by regional offices of Federal agencies would never find their way into the program without this project.

The library also provides an excellent bookmobile service. Docs on Wheels serves four geographic regions, serving 10,000 registered customers. Many of the library’s rural patrons lack Internet access and rely on this service to participate in the regulatory process. The service gives them the ability to comment on proposed rules and regulations that impact their lives and communities.

“I commend New Mexico State Library for its pioneering work in managing public and Federal information which is reflected by this prestigious award. The Library’s approach, to make data of particular relevance to New Mexico available, is unique and highly innovative. It is an exciting and precise educational tool that can empower citizens to participate even more fully in the public policy processes that impact all of our lives,” said U.S. Senator Pete Domenici.

Library director Richard Akeroyd, regional Federal documents librarian Laurie Canepa, and their staff have shown passion and dedication to these projects and other efforts that have made the New Mexico State Library a recognized national leader in disseminating Government information.

"It is a great honor to receive this recognition from the U.S. Government Printing Office. All of us at the New Mexico State Library are extremely gratified and proud to be recognized for the dedication and commitment of our depository library staff to making government information freely and readily available to the people of New Mexico,” said Library Director Richard Akeroyd.“ We look forward to continuing our close work with the Government Printing Office, and our federal documents depository colleagues, in contributing to the on-going maintenance of a strong depository library system in New Mexico and throughout the nation."

For more information about the New Mexico State Library, visit their Web site.

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