FDLP Quickstart Guide

If you are new to the FDLP, the U.S. Government Publishing Office welcomes you. This guide is intended to help you get started with your library’s Federal depository.

First Steps

Identify Basic Information about Your Library’s Depository

Depository Library Number
Found in the FDL Directory and on the inside flap of depository shipment boxes. The number includes leading zeroes and may contain a letter at the end.
Designation Date and Type of Designation
Found in the FDL Directory.
Contact GPO if you are unsure of your passwords.
Your Regional Depository Library
Found in the FDL Directory.
Item Selection Profile
Found in Item Lister.

Update Contact Information

  • If you are the newly designated coordinator for your library, update the FDL Directory to notify GPO that you are now serving in this important role, your library’s liaison with the FDLP at GPO.
  • Sign up for the official FDLP email service or follow the RSS feed.
  • Contact your regional depository librarian, whom you may identify through the FDL Directory.

Next Steps

Read Requirements and Guidance

Your library accepts specific obligations with Program participation. Read the Legal Requirements and Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program for these requirements. Also review the Guidance, which provides additional explanatory information.

Learn More about Item Numbers and How to Modify Your Library’s Selections

Learn about Your Library’s Depository Operation (Locate or Identify):

  • Collection housing locations, including selective housing sites.
  • Procedures for collection processing and management.
  • How FDLP content in all formats is identified and made accessible at your library.
  • Library staff involved in the depository operation and their roles.
  • How your library promotes and makes depository resources and services visible.
  • Policies, procedures, reports, and other documentation relating to your library’s depository. FDLP documentation includes Biennial Survey of Depository Libraries submissions, assessment or inspection reports, and any official selective housing site agreements or other memorandum of understanding.

Plan for FDLP Training Opportunities

GPO offers many training opportunities to help you learn more about the FDLP and U.S. Government information resources, including:

  • FDLP online learning opportunities
  • Interagency Depository Seminars
  • Depository Library Council Meeting and Federal Depository Library Conference

Seek out other opportunities as well.

  • Regional depository library consultation and other training
  • Local, state, or national library association programming

Ask Questions

Feel free to reach out to GPO. We’re happy to be of assistance.

  • askGPO
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other helpful sources of information include:

  • Your regional depository library
  • Non-GPO listservs, e.g., GOVDOC-L or DocTech-L

For Regional Depository Library Personnel

  • Sign up to Regional-L.
  • Locate depository publication discard processes within your state or region.
  • Locate your State Plan or State Focused Action Plan (if created).