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The OCLC Holdings Project

Each year the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) undertakes initiatives to support Federal depository libraries in their efforts to increase awareness of and access to the Federal Government information resources available in their Federal depository library collections. In February 2005, GPO launched the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) Holdings Project, thanks to a suggestion from regional depository librarians.

The goals of this project are to:

  • Improve public and library community awareness of resources available in Federal depository library collections.
  • Increase bibliographic access points to resources in Federal depository library collections.
  • Facilitate interlibrary loan of tangible U.S. Government publications in Federal depository library collections.

Through this project, participating regional depositories have their OCLC holdings symbol added automatically to GPO-cataloged resources that are in scope of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).  Holdings are set in an overnight batch process to bibliographic records for both tangible and online resources, at no cost to regional depositories.

Regionals that have participated in this project since its launch have had its holding symbol added to more than 285,000 records. In total, over 9.4 million regional depository library OCLC holdings symbols have been added to GPO-produced bibliographic records since the start of this service.

GPO would like to thank the regional depository library staff at the following institutions for participating in this ongoing project to increase public access to their collections:

  • Arizona State Library (AZP)
  • Auburn University at Montgomery (AAM)
  • California State Library (CAX)
  • Connecticut State Library (CZL)
  • Indiana State Library (ISL)
  • Louisiana State University (LUU)
  • Louisiana Tech University (LRT)
  • New Mexico State Library (NMS)
  • New York State Library (NYG)
  • Oklahoma Department of Library (OKD)
  • Oklahoma State University (OKS)
  • State Library of Ohio (OHI)
  • State Library of Pennsylvania (PHA)
  • Texas State Library & Archives Commission (IKM)
  • University of Colorado (COD)
  • University of Florida (FUG)
  • University of Georgia (GUA)
  • University of Hawaii (HUH)
  • University of Idaho (NTD)
  • University of Iowa (NUI)
  • University of Kentucky (KUK)
  • University of Maine (MEU)
  • University of Memphis (TMA)
  • University of Minnesota (MNU)
  • University of Mississippi (MUM)
  • University of Montana (MTG)
  • University of Nebraska (LDL)
  • University of Nevada, Reno (NNY)
  • University of New Mexico (IQU)
  • University of North Carolina (NOC)
  • University of North Dakota (UND)
  • University of South Carolina (SUC)
  • University of Virginia (VA)
  • Washington State Library (WRJ)
  • West Virginia University (WVU)

If you work at a regional depository and would like to participate in this project, or if you want more information, please submit an inquiry through askGPO.