Shipping Lists This Week

The following shipping lists were processed and distributed during the week of August 17, 2015 thru August 21, 2015

Shipping List # Shipping List Date
# of Pubs.
2015-0306P August 20, 2015 15
2015-0315-P August 17, 2015 15
2015-0324-P August 17, 2015 15
2015-0326-P August 18, 2015 15
2015-0330-P August 19, 2015 15
2015-0331-P August 20, 2015 15
2015-0333-P August 18, 2015 7
2015-0337-P August 19, 2015 3

P = Paper, E = Electronic (e.g., DVDs, CDs), S = Separates

Boxes should begin to arrive at your library within 7-10 business days via UPS, except for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, which should arrive within 12-15 days.

If you are located at a university or large facility with several mail receiving points, please check that your box wasn’t delivered to the wrong building before making a claim.

Please notify GPO as soon as possible if we need to suspend shipments in the event of natural disasters (e.g., weather, fire).

See also:

  • Claims: Learn how and when to claim depository publications and shipments.
  • Claims Copies Exhausted: Publications found on this list are not available for claiming.
  • Expired Shipping Lists: Shipping Lists (and any material shipped under them) that are found on this Web page are not available for claiming.