Superintendent of Documents

The Superintendent of Documents (SupDoc) leads the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) in providing public access to Government information published by the U.S. Congress, Federal agencies, and the Federal courts. The SupDoc:

  • Focuses efforts on the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) in cooperation with Congress and GPO’s library partners.
  • Oversees the policy and strategy for GPO’s Library Services and Content Management unit, Publication and Information Sales unit, and the management of GPO’s Federal Digital System (www.fdsys.gov).

The SupDocs is appointed by the Director, U.S. Government Publishing Office (44 U.S.C. § 1702).

Current Superintendent of Documents

Mary Alice Baish, Superintendent of Documents.

Mary Alice Baish was appointed Superintendent of Documents by Public Printer Bill Boarman in January 2011. Throughout Baish’s career, she has worked with all sectors of the library community, testifying before congressional committees on behalf of GPO, and has been a leading voice in developing electronic systems to disseminate Government information. Prior to GPO, she previously served as the Director of Government Relations for the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), a nonprofit educational organization that serves the information needs of the legal community. Baish has worked closely with congressional committees, the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Federal agencies and the Administration in developing policies and legislation that promote the needs of libraries, the legal community, and the American public.

Baish is among the founding members of OpenTheGovernment.org, an organization created to promote democracy and end Government secrecy. She has worked with OpenTheGovernment.org, the White House, and Office of Management and Budget in implementing President Obama’s Open Government Directive and with auditing agency Open Government Plans. She has written and spoken extensively about e-government information policy and is a past member of the Depository Library Council to the Public Printer.

Baish is a resident of Fairfax Station, VA, and holds a master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and an Ed.M. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

List of All Superintendent of Documents

The following lists all the individuals that have held the office of Superintendent of Documents.

Name Start Date End Date
Francis A. Crandall March 26, 1895 November 17, 1897
Louis C. Ferrell November 19, 1897 February 7, 1906
Acting February 8, 1906 August 7, 1906
William Leander Post August 8, 1906 July 15, 1909
August Donath July 16, 1909 February 22, 1913
Frank C. Wallace February 26, 1913 December 1, 1913
Acting December 2, 1913 April 30, 1914
Josiah H. Brinker May 1, 1914 May 23, 1920
Acting May 24, 1920 November 15, 1920
John L. Alverson November 16, 1920 May 15, 1921
Alton P. Tisdel June 1, 1921 June 1, 1945
Fred W. Cromwell June 16, 1945 July 29, 1949
Roy B. Eastin August 1, 1949 July 4, 1953
Carper W. Buckley July 5, 1953 June 12, 1970
Acting June 13, 1970 December 21, 1970
Robert E. Kling, Jr. December 22, 1970 June 30, 1973
Wellington H. Lewis July 1, 1973 July 17, 1975
Carl A. LaBarre July 20, 1975 January 29, 1982
William J. Barrett January 30, 1982 March 31, 1982
Acting April 1, 1982 May 9, 1982
Raymond Mason Taylor May 10, 1982 March 7, 1983
Michael F. DiMario March 7, 1983 January 2, 1985
Acting January 3, 1985 March 31, 1985
Donald E. Fossedal April 1, 1985 April, 1991
Wayne P. Kelley April, 1991 September, 1997
Acting September, 1997 November 30, 1997
Francis J. Buckley, Jr. December 1, 1997 December, 2002
Judith Russell January 6, 2003 February 28, 2007
Acting March 1, 2007 January 19, 2011
Mary Alice Baish January 20, 2011 Present